gilman 100705-2
Warner at Cocodrie in SF
924 Gilman in Berkeley 2002 - 2
The Pound in SF
gilman 2001 - 3
gilman 2001 - 2
Steve & Tony @ 924 Gilman
warp tour 2005
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This is the official website for the San Francisco, punk / hardcore band: The Sick.

The Sick produced four LP’s, one EP, a demo tape, and a single (never released) between 1996 and 2008.

The band is no longer playing live shows but you can check out lot’s of  videos of live punk shows, listen to their entire music catalog, and listen to some unreleased recordings.

Their first show was in SF on 2/9/1996, and their last was in Oakland 11/11/2007.

The members had the time of their lives over the years and want to acknowledge everyone who helped them out and all the fans who supported them!

29 thoughts on “Home

  1. The sick forever in the rotation. Gonna introduce the crew i ride bikes w in san antonio to u guys. The hardcore scene is huge down here…gotta put these kids onto some game.

  2. Is there any possible chance of finding The Sick merch anywhere? I want to buy a tshirt. I’ve loved this band since I discovered them around 2002’ish. I was at the Vets Hall show in Stockton. Seen them at several others shows at Gilman.

  3. My 6yo son had my old the sick shirt/patch on his jacket and lost it. It was an image of a license plate that said “California hardcore – and the plate read “the sick”. Is there any way I can replace it!?

  4. STEVE! TONY! NICK! Love you guys. miss those years in SF. thanks for taking me along and letting me join up with yous. its been since Warner’s funeral. so glad u guys were as successful as u were. love the vids. seeing warner was great. hope the best 4 u all. im clean, safe, and mostly happy. was living in PR but am homeless for a bit.
    let us know when y’all do a reunion tour!
    send my love to all our bulletproof friends.

  5. the sick are great..mad energy
    and good guus. warner,tony…you guys were some real ppl.and I am proud to have known you..
    from pittsburgh

  6. Wuttup motherfuckers!!! Hope everyone is good. My daughter just graduated high school. Was thinking about carrying her into my 10year recovery party that you guys played with Stepchild. She was 6mos old. Fuckin trip how time flies. Drop me a line sometime. Peace, Dalton

  7. and hey,rember adrian cote?god i still miss his old rockabilly ass,it was sad he got hit by that bus,and had to leave us,i went to the slims show for his memorial…anyhow tony and crew,keep it rockin in sanfrancisco,and the easy bay….i miss ya fools 🙂

  8. whats up tony,and fellas,i rember, tony, when i stayed the night at your place in the east bay,and we had those bb guns lol and shot it out around your place,lol,hahaha…i aint talked to you guys in awhile,i rember goin to your shows in fukin the burnt ramen,in the east bay above berkley…god i miss ya tony,you have allways been a source of my recovery,when my times were down i used to listen to code of growth and stay strong,im still clean and sober,dunno if ya rember me,but i rember when the bassist died,and we were over at his place before he died,then after,it was in a lower part of a house?its been so goddamn long,im trying to rember details,but damn man,tony just glad to see you and the others still rockin out man,hope you keep up the great work,i still hammer down to code of growth man…and i hope you still rock out on stage with no shoes on rofl……fukin great man!

  9. i miss u guys very much ur cds are still played in my car to this very day the sick will always b forever 1 of my favorite bands hope all is well
    carl b the picture guy
    oh yeah is there any way to still get a t shirt

  10. Warner i miss you very much and will always remember everything we did together and the friendship you showed me from my early days.

    To the band – miss you guys, hope all is going well in your lives.


    Paul F

  11. good to see you guys are still around, great band and good people sucks you guys are not playing shows just brings back memorys of living in concord and antioch

  12. Just refound you. Just listened to My Solution… 5 times in a row…fucking ripping song…took me back to bad times made good…at least for a moment in 2000

  13. i used to have a blast coming out and watching you guys. many nights at the cocodree (sp). wish you were all still around.

  14. bummer you guys have gone into retirement. it’s been a loooong time since i saw you but i saw a ton of your shows from 96-99. blistering shows! great guitar tone by the way steve. finally wore out my “the sick” t-shirt. listening to your first release right now. thanks for the great tunes. warner, RIP. he was a super nice guy.

  15. Hey there – thanks for your support! Rebellion was our first demo and it was only released on cassette. We don’t have anymore of those, but I plan on making the MP3’s available for download via cdbaby.com soon. On The Fence was our last recording which we never pressed to CD, but is now available on cdbaby.com – check it out.

  16. Hi, I’m your biggest fan from Mexico. I was once in Ian’s house while in San Francisco (I think it was 2007) to get your then newest cd Killing My Hope. It was an amazing experience. I’d never had the opportunity to see you live, but I know I will be at your reunion shows, whenever it would be in this life. I’ve just figured out that I’m missing two of your albums (Rebellion and On the fence), is there any chance I can buy them? Also, where I can get The Clash’s songs? Thank you very much!! Your music is truly inspiring to me…

    1. Hey Alejandro,
      I think it was actually my (Steve’s) loft that you visited – it was great meeting you back then. You probably already figured this out, but you can listen to, and purchase all of our songs by following the links on the Music page. Thanks for your support!

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