LP: SF Hardcore (1999)

Recorded at Mr. Toad’s Studios in San Francisco, CA. (re)Mixed by Henry Rollins at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA.

Point of interest: Henry Rollins did backup vocals on the track ‘Naked’.

Writing and Recording Credits:
Tony Bonilla – Lyrics/Vocals
Steve Wright – Guitar
Cory Harn – Guitar
Warner Harrison – Bass
Todd Bernsdorf – Drums

Addt’l Writing Credits:
Nick Lynch – Lyrics/Guitar/Bass/Drums
Ashif Hakik – Guitar
Rick Baker – Guitar


SF Hardcore Lyrics

(need to add the rest some day)


Endanger my life
With your little tin can
Predatory contraption
I reserve the right
To smash in your window
If you get to close
Small I be but strong I am
Four to five times
Your ranks have disabled me
Temporarily to the curb
So disturbed so perturbed
Green light
Lies sometimes to you
It’s not time to depress the pedal
Krypto through open window
Motorist killed
The headlines read today
Four to five times
Your ranks have disabled me
Movement and speed
I dare you to catch up with me
Solid foundation
I know where I sit
Upon the food chain
Turning chain throttles me
Into your car
Krypto in hand
Heat seeking bike lock
Aimed at your face more space
Between you and me
Heat seeking bike lock
Aimed at your face
More space

My Solution

I don’t want this suffering
yes I see it every day
plagued by companionship
I’ve been fed these lies for years
this is what we target
this union to join in
I want to forget what it feels like
I want to forget you
my solution (x2)
visions of violence
the only way to keep you clear of my path
I abolished my illusions long ago
there has to be another way
in the end it’s imperative that
you hate me
berate me
destroy me
ignore me
my solution (x2)
I never wanted what I got in the end
you came defective
like the rest of society
and I will see to it
that you never set foot into my life again
never ever again
my solution (x2)
why did I
let you do this to me
I used to be
no-nonsense guy
why did I
allow you the control
why did I
get so soft


Malignant sickness not rectified
Self inflicted conceit loaded down
Weight beholds you wraps you
Ends you kills you
I see a false step
Not one of my own
I see you browbeat
And squab the ally
I know your death
An insignificance
Your brutality aimed at the wrong man
Your part of the problem
Your part of the Illness
It’s hard to see the solution
When your right down in it
Problem drinker
When it comes down
It wont be me
Injected injected
You stand uncorrected
You think that you are better
Than all the rest
You think you’re
The only exception
Defective defective
You’re certain to fail
How can you correct
What is misunderstood
You carry all weight
Heavy with pain
You’re part of the problem
You’re part of the Illness
It’s hard to see a solution
When you’re right down in it
Problem drinker
When It comes down
It won’t be me

Mi Cajones

Mi cajones (x3)
Muy Azul
That’s what I say
When they fucking hurt
I cup them both in my hands
That’s what I say
When they fucking turn blue
My balls (x3)
Fuck (x3)
That’s what I say
That’s what I said
That’s what I’ll say
When they hurt!

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