LP: Code of Growth (2000)

Recorded and mixed at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA by Jim Goodwin and Barry Conley.

Writing and Recording Credits:
Tony Bonilla – Lyrics/Vocals
Steve Wright – Guitar
Warner Harrison – Bass
Nicky Bernardi – Drums

Addt’l Writing Credits:
Nick Lynch – Lyrics/Guitar/Bass/Drums
Cory Harn – Guitar


Lyrics (more to be added)


my spirit broken bloodied
scorched by trial and tribulation
hard times kick my ass
leave me empty, hurting
I am a student in the school of hard knocks
I won’t stop learning
the lessons won’t stop
my eyes are on fire
my mind is a flame
I will not be like you
I will not be the same
and I will not succumb
I will not retreat
I won’t be taken down beneath
I will keep my sanity strong


sacred blood ties
contaminated losing this hand
no play left in the grip
my eyes left to rip
thrown somewhere hard to find
looking to reclaim, looking to revive
why did they promise this frustration
it’s baked-in, washed of all retribution
stillness gives way to blind
nutrient fury, the fury
passing away from all
out the door walk out
move, shudder, split
bring no more to the table
sand through the fingers
broken table of nutrients no longer together
straight ahead go
bigger picture shattered
scarred belief system to the table
sorry friends for you to see us like this
weak and fiendish hand grasp, grab
out the door, walk out
rain will erase the foot prints


fatigue, the enemy of concentration
weighing down effort
decline of action
stillborn perception
I will not fail
strength my allies in arms
this point blank range
you can’t get away


I’m gonna tell you the truth
about a mother who hates her child
she denied his very existence
this burns me up inside
a woman who when shit got to tough
gave up and threw him aside
catching wreck was all he ever knew
lying and stealing as kids do
fending himself, meeting his needs
and end to an end
fighting himself
fighting the others always alone
never the same
pieces of a shattered life
someone else will sweep away
a mess, a violent juvenile delinquent
to be dealt with by the state
I will not live out your truth
he said you lack of faith destroyed our ties
you have failed as a mother, a parent
and I will succeed in life without your advice
is to late to make amends
at this time, in this life
is there another way to end this violence and strife
the justice system could not save him
make him worse at best
he had to save himself
and this is what he said


true friends we stand together
looking at each other
looking forward all that matters
having fun in the scene
embracing our dreams
seeing you laugh
is better than anything in this world
side by side
i realize how important this union is
to me
to you
you and i we are bulletproof
you and i we are united
all along you knew what i was thinking
you and i we are friends for life
friends for life..

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