Band Members

The Sick: Band Members

Most recent lineup:
Tony Bonilla – Vocals
Steve Wright – (original) Guitar
Ian Hartley – Guitar
Matt O’Brien – Bass
Billy McMillan – Drums

Ex Members:
Warner Harrison (founder/original bassist/RIP)
Nicky Bernardi (longest drummer)
Nick Lynch (original singer/songwriter/band name)
Todd Bernsdorf (original drummer)
Cory Harn (guitar then bass)
Sammy Diosdado (bass)
Morgan Delaney(bass)
Jay Michaelis (Drums)
Ashif Hakik (guitar)
Rick Baker (guitar)
Jimmy ? (guitar)
Rob ? (guitar)

Paul Fried
Liz Schneider
Peter Rujizca (Europe)

Road Crew:
Tomas Rakos (Europe)


12 thoughts on “Band Members

  1. SF Hardcore is one of my favorite alumbs ever and I listen to it on the songs on a regular. You guys always get me pumped at work “I guess it must be my hoouuusssee!” Haha And why no merch? I’d jump my old ass into a pit for a shirt! Love you guys!

    1. Hello
      Tony, our singer had another band for a while called ‘Let it Burn’ – check them out, pretty awesome.


  2. I remember seeing THE SICK at some place in SF in early 2001 at the WASTED WAGON or the COVERED WAGON, I can’t recall…but I remember that for me the energy on stage from that show was fucken awesome.
    Unfortunately, for me it was the first time ever seeing a black person playing in a punk band, RIP Warner.

  3. its rob..if im the rob with the ? after name..i was never in the band, but lived with warner, worked on some ideas, went to rehersals, and would give input..i lived with warner and was what i like to think as friends with he and tony…both great guys who i still think about today..i remember asking tony why he said ” rise from your grave” at the beginning of rebellion…he said its from the game altered beast…i love that game! and tje song..mi cojones also great..all of em.. and talking about his…”experience” with a certain chemical..a great,crazy,real guy..both of them. i know you and warner hold it down wherever you are and make it “your house”…
    always a fan,rob

  4. You changed my life. Be proud of all the records you made. I’m a fan from Mexico. Cheers!
    Ps looking for the reunion concert.

  5. I was in an incarnation of the sick for a little while when nick was looking for band members in sd in 96. Mr lynch if your out there I’d like to connect. I was playing bass & paul (basher) was playing drums.

    1. Hey Jason – that is pretty cool. We never heard much about Nick’s earlier projects. Any recordings to share? Cheers, Steve

  6. I am a member of the Northern California Convention of Narcotics Anonymous. We are looking for bands to play at our event on April 19 2014 and I thought of The Sick. Contact C.C. if you guys are interested 1-510-676-2797

  7. hey tony,its duckie,hope ya rember me,anyhow im still clean and sober,just doing tattooes now,and living my life,i sure do miss ya man,hope that your ok and glad to see you guys havnt died off bro,anyhow ill talk to you later man…you got my email hope to hear from you guys for sure:)

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